Coroplast Signs

Coroplast Signs

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Coroplast is corrugated plastic that is available in different thicknesses. It consists of two pieces of
flat plastic attached by hollow flutes that run between the flat surfaces. A good way to describe it to
clients is to let them visualize a piece of cardboard made entirely out of plastic.
Coroplast is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is lightweight, waterproof, and easy to clean.

Corrugated plastic signs
Real estate signs
Fluted plastic boards
Fluted plastic sheet
Plastic signs
For sale signs
Correx signs
Yard signs
Lawn signs
Election signs
Campaign signs
White corrugated plastic
Polyflute sheets


We offer the following thicknesses of coroplast:
4mm Coroplast (most popular) 6mm Coroplast 8mm Coroplast


Coroplast signs come in both standard and custom sizes.
6”x24” 6”x32” 6”x36” 12”x12” 12”x16”
12”x18” 12”x24” 12”x36” 12”x48” 18”x24”
24”x24” 24”x32” 24”x36” 24”x48” 25”x37”
32”x48” 36”x36” 36”x48” 48”x48” Custom